Month: August 2018

Cherry Chaga Pops

We are huge fans of adding Om Mushroom Powders to coffee and tea but what about those summer days when hot bever­ages are a no-go and you need some­thing refreshing and cool? Our Cherry Chaga Popsicles are the answer to hot summer days! These adap­to­genic popsi­cles full of healthy fats, fresh cher­ries + Om CHAGA, which supports… Read more »

3 Ways to Dress Your Bliss Bowl with a Mushroom-Powered Sauce

Finding ways to fit func­tional mush­rooms into your everyday routine is so much more than just adding it to your morning coffee and tea! Our mush­room powders add depth of flavor and umami to recipes and pack a powerful func­tional punch. One of the recipes we have in our weekly rota­tion is our Bliss Bowl. Packed… Read more »

Master Your Pre-During-Post Nutrition Rituals for Peak Performance

We all know that food is an impor­tant part of an athlete’s perfor­mance plan. Whether you are incor­po­rating protein shakes, recovery drinks or meal prep­ping for peak perfor­mance – what you eat deter­mines how your engine runs. While proteins, carbs, and fats are impor­tant, there is one cate­gory that doesn’t get mentioned much during the… Read more »

Four Ways You Can Change Your Manic Moments Into Mindful Moments

Learning the skill of mind­ful­ness is a marathon, not a sprint. The next time you start to feel that surge of stress or anxiety, here are 4 tips to keep you mindful, not manic.   1. SIPRELAXING REISHI ELIXIR – Reishi, some­times also referred to as the “herb of spir­i­tual potency” is a powerful mush­room super­food that supports a calm, balanced… Read more »