About Us

Canine Matrix is the leading producer of the highest quality certified 100% organic functional mushroom powders that contribute to your pet’s optimal health.

Canine Matrix Products

Having traveled the world to discover our unique mushroom varieties, we’ve combined our extensive expertise with modern methodology to grow, dehydrate and mill these miraculous mushrooms in our state-of-the-art Certified 100% Organic and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility in Carlsbad, California.

Steve Farrar and Sandra Carter

We harness and distill the amazing, all-natural micronutrient benefits of the mushroom kingdom. Our founders, Steve Farrar, a mycologist with over 30 years experience growing mushrooms and Sandra Carter (M.A. MPH, Ph.D.), a health and wellness expert with a PhD in preventative medicine, both have a deep-rooted passion for mushrooms. Your four legged friend’s tail will be wagging after experiencing the power of our veterinarian recommended mushroom powders.